Artman Studio is ready to provide the following services with a professional and specialized team

Artman Studio has a brilliant history in media directing of various teasers, TV and radio commercials items, industrial films, solution providing, short film making, editing and sound and voice over projects using the most advanced and up-to-dates tools and equipment and also full support of experts and experienced operators, is a pioneer in the field of creative and quality.

Artman Studio consists of professional designers and graphic artists with huge background and years of experience in the field of video graphics and motion graphics and vfx & SPFx (special computer visual effects) using the most up-to-dated methods, is a professional team to design and develop various characters. This company has spectacular and attractive works and is being able to provide business and branding solutions for domestic and foreign companies.

Artman Studio, by using the most up-to-dated and advanced photography technics and lighting equipment, together with the most experienced staff and specialized editing unit, dedicates extensive services in the verity of advertising photography, modeling and fashion, architecture, food, industrial products and other fields of industrial photography.

Artman Studio, is ready to provide services in various fields of television contents and industrial media contents including professional teasers and suitable video clips specialized for social networks, using the most advanced video equipments, different point of view and also by using of the latest version of software packages in the world.